Eye Surgery Information

Eye surgery, otherwise known as ophthalmic surgery, is surgery done on the eye itself, usually by a qualified ophthalmologist, typically in order to correct some defect. The eye is actually a delicate organ and needs utmost care before, during and after a surgery procedure to minimize or completely avoid further damage if any complications do occur. This delicate part of the body requires a lot of attention before, during and after a surgery to help keep the eyes healthy. The most common types of eye surgery that people get performed are cataract removal, corneal dystrophy, glaucoma, corneal scarring, eyelid surgery and laser eye surgery.

The most common types of  eye surgery

Cataract removal is the most common type of eye surgery performed today. This is also called as vitrectomy and it is a process in which the lens and the central retina of the eye are surgically removed. During a cataract removal, the surgeon will carefully remove the damaged tissue from the lens of the eyes, allowing the surgeon to reshape the eye’s cornea.

Once the surgeon removes the damaged tissue, he or she then reshapes the new lens in order to fit into the opening of the eyes.