fruit and vegetables

Fruits and vegetables contain many necessary nutrients for the body and help prevent illnesses to some extent. You are the main supplier of vitamins that he can not produce body by himself. These include, for example, the intake of vitamin C and vitamin D. The mentioned dietary fibers stimulate the human intestinal flora and regulate the fat and carbohydrate metabolism. The Insel vom Stein, the steakhouse and restaurant in Ulm offers juicy steaks as well as healthy fruits and vegetables. The reduction of cardiovascular ailments related to specific types of fruit has been scientifically proven and it is believed that fruits and vegetables can have a relevant positive impact on other conditions.
A healthy diet is just one part of a balanced life and should be supported by exercise in the form of physical activity.

Which foods are healthy?

In the traditional sense, this question can not be adequately answered. A versatile diet is a healthy diet. No food alone provides all the basic nutrients that the body needs. Above all, vegetable foods, such as fruits, vegetables and cereals are classified as healthy foods. These foods contain important fiber, Vitamins, minerals and carbohydrates. In addition to herbal products, the body needs proteins that it receives from eating animal foods. Animal foods should contain a small amount of fat and be supplied to the body in moderation. On the side of vegetable foods, attention must be paid to the dosage of oils and fats. Excessive consumption is unhealthy for the human body. 
An intake of at least 1.5 liters in adults is part of a healthy diet.

Factors influencing the diet

Man is an individual with his own character. His physical attributes can also differ greatly from those of his neighbor. The needs of each individual depend on their age, weight, height and genetic characteristics, to name a few. A healthy diet must therefore be specifically applied to an individual. Some general rules can be generalized to a group of people. 
Genetic variation affects the metabolism of humans and at the same time determines which foods are suitable for a person and which are not. For example, in certain cases, algae prevent some foods from being consumed at all.