Melissa Meyer

I believe women with Endometriosis have far more choice than we are told about. Endometriosis doesn’t need to be a life sentence. After really suffering with the condition, with a Stage 4 Diagnosis, I have found a way to live completely pain and symptoms free with Endometriosis.

I want to share that information and empower women about what they CAN DO for their Endometriosis. You deserve to know what your body really needs to feel better and the tools which are readily available that can truly help you feel better.

Come and visit my website for a free introductory course on becoming Endo Empowered.

Professional Bio: Melissa is a Health Advocate for Women with Endometriosis. She conducts speaking engagements, webinars and community workshops to help women with Endometriosis. You can find her amazing recipe book, programs and online consultations through her website.